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    Martianus Capella

    Martianus Capella
    Martianus Capella

    This website contains the edition of the oldest gloss-tradition on Martianus Capella's De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii, based on the ninth-century manuscript Leiden, UB, Vossianus Latinus Folio 48. The photos and edition of text and gloss material of this manuscript are found in the folder Manuscript photos and edition.

    Researchers: Mariken Teeuwen, in collaboration with Thomas Brouwer, Bruce Stancefield Eastwood, Mary Garrison, Jean-Yves Guillaumin, Natalia Lozovsky, Sinead O'Sullivan, and Aleksander Sroczynski

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    Contact: mariken.teeuwen@huygens.knaw.nl